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The Castell d’Alaró is the only rock castle of Mallorca where we can stay in. For its role as a mountain refuge, it has a guesthouse that is open all year.
How to get
Here you have all the information to reach Castell, with different options and routes, so choose the best one that suits with you. You are welcome!
Weather Station
The Castell d’Alaró has a weather station since its location is a reference point for measurements and weather prediction.
The Castle
Learn all the information of the history and legends that surround the Castell, making it one of the most emblematic places of Mallorca.
The Castell d’Alaró is a set of military, civil and religious buildings from Moorish times until today. Find out all you will find!
Discover the work of the Foundation, the Patronage and all those who selflessly help us to the conservation and rehabilitation of the Castle.
Interpretation Hall
The main function of the Reading Room is to promote an environment for creative learning about the flora and fauna surrounding the Castell.
Associació Voluntaris Castell d'Alaró
Without any doubt , the Volunteers have become one of the fundamental pillars that altruistically help to the conservation and maintenance of Castell. Meet them!
In this section you will find the latest developments , news and interesting documents on Castell . Do not forget to visit!
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The Fundació del Castell d'Alaró annually publishes its Audited Accounts
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