Castell d'Alaró is a place stowed by history, legends, folktales ... an emblematic place, a wonderful balcony of the Sierra de Tramontana and Mallorca .

With the collective efforts of all those who are part of the board of the Foundation , professionals and the selfless help of others, improvements have been made conservation , expansion and adaptation to new needs to remain a welcoming place and comfortable meeting , to enjoy the scenery and nature for everyone.

Since 2001 we have worked constantly to rehabilitate the hostelry and its environment in order to adapt it to current demands and bet clearly and decisively for sustainable environmental facilities and an ecologist use of all natural resources.

That is all that it will treat to visit the different sections of this page and hope that you find the desired information while You enjoy its contents. And I encourage you to visit the Castle to know him well close and ye may enjoy its charms .

The foundation was founded on April 23, 2001 for a period of 40 years, non-profit and governed, especially by state law 50/2002 of 26 December , foundations and the our region decree 45/1998 of 14 April, which creates and regulates the single registration and exercise of the protectorate.

The Foundation is composed for: the Bishopric of Mallorca, the Consell de Mallorca and the Alaró's town hall.

Its most important goals are :
a) Rehabilitation and subsequent upkeep and maintenance of Alaró and the access road .
b ) The management and maintenance of facilities Alaró .
c ) Promote the implementation of activities of cultural, artistic , educational and scientific type in Alaró .
d ) To promote the restoration and archaeological study of the historical heritage of Alaró .
e) To disseminate the knowledge of Alaró between society as representative of the people of Alaró and the island of Mallorca element .

The Heritage foundation is constituted by the following contributions :
1) The Diocese of Mallorca and the Alar's town hall provide the right to use it. This right end in the event of termination of the foundation, in addition to the cost of building materials .
2) The Consell de Mallorca will bring the cost of projects, labor , management of works and furnishings.