Associació Voluntaris Castell d’Alaró

The Associació de Voluntaris d'Alaró was created in 2005, following the restoration of the roof of the porch of the Chapel of the Mare de Deu del Refugi. After this first task , coordinated by the Brotherhood of the Madre de Dios del Refugio "ses negres", most of the volunteers who helped in that task still had desire to work to improve the environment of the castle. That's why they decided to create the Associació de Voluntaris d'Alaró.

The main objectives of the association is the promotion and dissemination of the figure of  the Castle of Alaró. Another key tasks performed from the association is conducting improvement work around the castle between institutions and promote the restoration of the walls of the fortification.

Furthermore, as revitalize traditional acts performed in the oratory and promote new ones.
This is why the Associació de Voluntaris del Castell d'Alaró has been shaped as a key element for the maintenance, restoration and dissemination of the castle.

Do you like the Castell d'Alaró? From the Associació de Voluntaris del Castell d'Alaró we invite you to participate . Help us to improve it and to restore its splendor.



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